Women’s Trailfest

Tentative Workshop Descriptions:

(see the full Itinerary for more details on weekend schedule)

Saturday, June 15th:

(NOTE: This schedule is packed full and also subject to change! If you plan to do the 9 mile route, you may not make it back in time for the earlier workshops! That’s okay - choose your own adventure!)

Intro To Trail Running with Mirna Valerio - Mirna will lead a 4 mile group run and workshop especially tailored for folks new to trail running! This will take place during our Saturday morning group runs.

  • 1:30pm at Warwoman Dell Trailhead

    Making it Up the Mountain: led by Anne Wheatly, Elite Mountain Runner Exploring in the mountains means long hill climbs up and sometimes leg pounding descents as well! This can be intimidating for new and experienced runners alike, and going too hard on a climb can quickly wear you down. Learn some techniques for tackling hills efficiently including power hiking and controlling your effort level. 


    Plant ID Hike: led by Ellen Hendrix-Erickson, Interpretive Ranger North Georgia forests and lush and jungle-like this time of year! Want to learn the names of some of the plants and flowers you see around the trails? Join this short guided hike from the Warwoman Dell Trailhead

  • 2:15pm: Meetup for Carpool to explore Bull Sluice/Chattooga River:

If you are wanting to do a bit of sightseeing and workshops aren’t your thing, meet up with other ladies in the Event Parking area to carpool to check out the Chattooga River. (~20 min drive, and about 45min-1 hours of exploring, expect to get back to downtown around 4:15pm) THIS is an at your own risk, unguided activity.

  • 2: 45pm

Mountain Legs: led by Callie Joy Black, Personal Trainer We all know that feeling of legs and lungs burning at the end of a long hike or run on challenging terrain!  Did you know that in addition to cardiovascular endurance, leg strength plays major role in your body's ability to crank out powerful ascents and descents on the trails as well?  Learn how to work towards building the leg strength you need to cruise through long days in the mountains by adding some lower body exercises that can be done anywhere - no gym required!  These exercises will not only help build quad, hamstring, and glute strength, but will also increase your hip and ankle stability to make you ready to tackle the rocks and roots of rugged trails. Location: Wander North Georgia


Fueling Your Adventure: led by Abby Harris, Experienced Adventurer, FootRX Running Adventures can be hard work, and your body needs plenty of food and drink to keep you moving! We will discuss some of our favorite trail foods and their strategies for staying on top of fuel and hydration when out for long or short adventures. We will go all the options from sports drinks and gels, to sour patch kids, pb&js, brownies, pickles, and other items you can find at any gas station! Location: The Rock House

  • 3:30pm

    Core Strength - led by Callie Joy Black, Personal Trainer: A strong core is the key foundation for any athlete. By training the core, which include muscles of the back and hips, as well as the abdominal muscles, athletes can prevent injury by providing the body a strong foundation for all of the movement patterns required for running.  A strong core can also improve efficiency in the gait which leads to greater running economy and faster times!  Joy will teach core strengthening moves directly related to running that can be added to an existing routine or used on their own. Come ready to do more than just crunches and learn how to properly strengthen your entire core! Location: Wander North Georgia


    Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Led by Abby Harris of FootRX Running: Your feet are the star of the show when it comes to hiking and running. They take a major pounding, and one little blister or discomfort can end up ruining your long day on the trail! Learn from Abby Harris of FootRX in Asheville about how to take care of your feet – from choosing the right socks, to the size and fit of your shoes, and how to manage blisters or other common foot ailments. Location: The Rock House

  • 4:15pm“Ask Anything” at The Diner

    We recommend that everyone attend this one! Bring your questions for judgement free facilitated group discussions on everything from boob chafing and having your period in the woods to favorite running gear and places to run. You can even write in topics and questions anonymously!

Sunday, June 16th:

7:15-8:00pm: Gentle Yoga with Megan Marlene Moran (Shelter #1 next to visitor’s center at Black Rock Mountain State Park)